The most insane (and time-consuming!) celebrity beauty routines

19 August 2015

celebrity beauty routines

When the subject of celebrity comes to mind, most of us would like to imagine that they really are just average people living out their daily duties just like us. They wear plain white t-shirts, make funny Dubsmashvideos, and throw up a #TBT on Instagram every now and then, right? Sure. But when it comes to prepping for a hot date, girl’s night out or just your average Monday morning, celebs can often make even our hour-long beauty routines seem basic.

While Kim Kardashian’s 50-step (!!) daytime makeup routine is said to take close to four hours, including four different layers of eyeliner, Katy Perry spends almost half of that time just getting ready for bed. Which kind of makes us feel like we’re missing something with our quick cleanse and moisturizer nighttime routine.

Having an extensive beauty routine may be linked to a longer lifespan, but it isn’t always easy. Gone are “quick touch-ups” because spending 40 minutes lining your lips is now a thing (we’re looking at you, Kylie Jenner). And forget about waking up any later than 5 A.M, because you’ve got some serious work to do.

Somehow, between red carpet appearances, concert tours and world domination, these celebs find the time to engage in extensive beauty and skincare routines that involve face masks, toners, serums, moisturizers, and lip plumping – all before the sun rises and makeup is applied. Let’s face it people, stars really aren’t just like us.

Browse our gallery to find out how long it takes these celebs to complete their beauty routine.

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