Introducing Kim.Guru, the weather app that reports the forecast with Kim Kardashian outfits

12 August 2015

Kim Kardashian weather app

Kim Kardashian has just landed her most unexpected gig yet—weather girl. Thanks to the brilliant minds at BRAVÒ, you can now get a weather report for any city in the world, along with a photo of Kim Kardashian dressed for that specific temperature. The app, dubbed Kim.Guru, serves as both a URL thermometer and an outfit prompter (what more could a girl need?).

Curious as to what Kim would wear to a casual brunch in Paris, France? Probably a skintight pencil skirt and matching crop top, but just type in Paris (or any other place on earth, for that matter), and voila! You now have daily outfit inspiration from Kim Kardashian herself, according to what the weather’s like that day. In other words, you’ll never have a bad outfit day again. Sure, it is probably easier to dress for the weather when you can afford to buy a new outfit for every different day, city and weather condition, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a few style notes from the reality star when we’re getting dressed in the morning.

Browse the gallery below to see what Kim Kardashian (and you!) would wear in different cities around the world.

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