#thepowerofmakeup has exploded on Instagram as women fight back at makeup shakers

20 August 2015

the power of makeup

First there was #splithair, and now, beauty and make-up lovers across the globe are taking a cue from the half-and-half trend to take a stand against makeup shamers, and share what it is they love about wearing makeup.

YouTube beauty blogger Nikkie was the first to start the anti makeup-shaming revolution after her Power of Makeup video went viral, gaining her a squad of anti makeup-shaming protestors who have joined forces to help stop the haters. In response to those who attack girls for wearing “too much” makeup, Instagrammers are now posting photos with half of their faces made up and the hashtag #ThePowerofMakeup, to share how makeup makes them feel confident.

Earlier this week, Tyra Banks posted a no-makeup selfie with the hopes of giving fans a taste of the real Tyra—without the help of X-Pro II or Valencia. And just as she proved we should stop caring about no-makeup selfies, #ThePowerofMakeup shows us that we should stop caring about the amount of makeup people wear. Ultimately, makeup is about having fun with your look, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and being proud of how you look (with and without makeup).

No matter where you stand, wearing makeup is a personal choice that should be based on what makes you feel comfortable.

Browse our gallery to witness #thepowerofmakeup!

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