bralette trend

Introducing the bralette, a small-chested girl’s new BFF

Us small-chested ladies will be the first to admit, we’ve felt a little left out when it comes to being able to fill out busty tops, or hold objects such as our cellphones or lipstick inside our bras when pockets aren’t an option. Now, it seems as though the bra heavens have heard our cries, […]

gilding the lily layered jewelry

Toronto-based retailer Guilding The Lily, shows us how to wear layered jewellery like a pro

When it comes to accessorizing, there’s a time and a place for chunky chokers and bold bangles. And with the rise of fine, layered jewelry on spring 2015 runways – now is not it. Nestled somewhere between oversized retro hoops and Chanel’s prominent slogan bracelets, dainty pendants and thin chains made a modest statement at […]

best instagram items

The best items and outfits to wear on Instagram, according to researchers

Instagram has become a glorious platform for #IWokeUpLikeThis selfies, food porn, celeb stalking and most importantly, snaps of our latest #ootds. With filters like Valencia and X-Pro II, and accounts like @photogenicwalls created by Eva Chen, the app was pretty much made to show off your style in the most eye-catching way possible. Whether you’ve had […]

leilanni swim collection

Motivational bikinis? Introducing Leilanni’s swim collection, bound to inspire positive vibes

Every summer, itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis crop on racks everywhere to remind us of dreaded swim season. But what if swimwear inspired us to do something other than work on our abs and tone our buns? That’s where Toronto-based designer Leilanni Todd steps in.

granny panties trend

Are granny panties the new thongs? 18 celeb snaps and shopping picks that say yes

For Fall 2014, Chanel’s supermarket runway show featured floor-length skirts and dainty pastels, not with traditional feminine high-heels, but with modern, playful sneakers that challenged the phrase “beauty is pain.” There was something subversive about pairing an ensemble so prim and proper with with flat sneakers, making it socially acceptable for women to enjoy a […]

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