Oscars 2016 fashion: The best looks you didn’t see on TV

Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony seemed to spark intense feelings of anxiousness and anticipation, as we awaited (through the entire show, might I add) the outcome of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar fate. The coveted celebrity fashion choices of the night brought with it similar feelings of anticipation, as we awaited to see which celebs would ignite […]


Kendall Jenner shares her favourite Estée Lauder stocking stuffers

The only thing greater than the gift of beauty products this Holiday season is the gift of knowing which beauty products are recommended by the world’s most coveted supermodel, Kendall Jenner. The supermodel/super-woman/brand ambassador shared her favourite stocking stuffers, which includes Estée Lauder’s little black primer, Modern Muse Le Rouge, and pure colour envy lip potion […]

Kylie Jenner Beauty Routine

The 24 beauty products (seriously!) Kylie Jenner uses everyday

Until now, the Kardashian-Jenner beauty routines have seemed somewhat of a mystery. While we knew of Kim Kardashian’s 50-step, four hour long daytime routine and Kylie Jenner’s tendency to spend 40 minutes lining her lips (what is a quick touch up, anyways?), we’ve always assumed their secret to looking flawless was a mixture of unattainable beauty products, an […]