4 iconic Cannes Film Festival beauty looks you need to see (and how to get them yourself!)

In honour of today being the eve of the 69th Cannes Film Festival, we’re throwing it back to what was arguably the event’s heyday: the 1950s. After all, how could it not be the pinnacle of glamour when iconic stars like Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor were strutting about the festival’s […]


Oscars 2016 fashion: The best looks you didn’t see on TV

Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony seemed to spark intense feelings of anxiousness and anticipation, as we awaited (through the entire show, might I add) the outcome of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar fate. The coveted celebrity fashion choices of the night brought with it similar feelings of anticipation, as we awaited to see which celebs would ignite […]

Britney Spears most iconic moments

Happy birthday Britney Spears! Relive her 10 most iconic moments

If you weren’t dancing around in your room in a belly shirt to the “Baby One More Time” video in the ‘90s, were you even alive? Today we celebrate the 34th birthday of Britney Spears, the world’s original Princess of Pop. Seriously: we’re talking about the woman who turned schoolgirl pigtails and knee high socks […]

sofia vergara snapchat

Snapchat’s first star? Sofia Vergara is debuting her own reality show exclusively on the app

Finally, Snapchat is offering us a break from our friends’ two hundred and ten second stories that feature endless play-by-plays of everything they’ve eaten throughout the day (tragic, we know). Variety reports that Sofia Vergara will star in a six-series reality show that will be available exclusively on the app.

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kim kardashian north west photo

10 times Kim Kardashian and North West were the cutest mother-daughter photo duo

Anyone who actually keeps up with the Kardashians knows about Kim’s fertility struggle to conceive baby number two and to add another young tot to Fashion Week’s front row. Just this past week, Kim shared with the world how “exhausted” she was with trying to have another baby, and create a family like the large […]

Kim Kardashian weather app

Introducing Kim.Guru, the weather app that reports the forecast with Kim Kardashian outfits

Kim Kardashian has just landed her most unexpected gig yet—weather girl. Thanks to the brilliant minds at BRAVÒ, you can now get a weather report for any city in the world, along with a photo of Kim Kardashian dressed for that specific temperature. The app, dubbed Kim.Guru, serves as both a URL thermometer and an outfit prompter (what […]